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CleanBlu is proud to share its expertise to develop water efficiency standards and legislation for our global community

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Featured Project

Navajo Mountain Chapter House

Water Reuse - Toilet Flushing

At least 2 million Americans still don’t have running water or a working toilet at home. Now, the Navajo Nation has surpassed New York and New Jersey for the highest per-capita coronavirus infection rate in the US. Lack of safe, reliable running water for as many as 40% of the population, makes regular hand washing and sanitizing of clothing and food impossible.

CleanBlu is working together with foundations such as IWSH and DigDeep to bring safe running water to our native American tribal people so they too can have the basic needs of life in their homes.

Featured Project

Net Zero Water

ReNEWW House Purdue University in Collaboration with Whirlpool

The ReNEWW House is a collaborative effort between Whirlpool Corporation and Purdue University to provide a sustainable living public showcase and a live-in laboratory for student engineers who live, study and research the new generation of resource efficient appliances. ReNEWW stands for Retrofitted Net Zero Energy, Water & Waste, and reflects the vision of the project – to convert a home to offset all its energy use with solar power, to only rely on locally available water sources, and to have waste handling systems in place that prevent any household waste from going to the landfill.

CleanBlu's revolutionary prototype graywater processing system, specifically developed for validation at the ReNEWW House, has a treatment capacity of 450 gallons per day with all functions monitored in real time from the CleanBlu Connect app.

CleanBlu - Committed to 100% Water Reuse & Zero Wastewater

We can no longer use water only once!

Water is a finite natural resource, meaning that further supplies of water cannot be created once we run out. The water we have now is the same water the dinosaurs drank, the same water that has quenched our planet since time began. In todays industrialized and overpopulated world, water supplies deplete exponentially, disappearing for good, never to return.



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