Imagine a technology so new and powerful it will revolutionize an entire industry, breaking down the barriers of what was once perceived as unachievable - something so radical it makes the impossible common place. A technology that improves the lives of billions - saves the lives of millions - that gives future generations a fighting chance. We call it CleanBlu® - because a technology that advanced is without doubt - indistinguishable from magic!

Your smart phone holds more computing power than NASA had to land on the moon. The time has come to do something really important with it - like cleaning dirty water, making clean fuel - producing clean energy - saving the planet for real - and - yes, all from your smartphone - like a magic wand!

Water - it's our most basic need and the key to life. Somewhere between 72 and 96 hours without it, you die. This is why people drink it even if it's not safe or clean. Children suffer first. We send food aid, but water is much more urgent in order to sustain depleting global supplies, to reduce the enormous death toll from water related diseases and to provide sanitation and hygiene to everyone. CleanBlu
® can turn that dirty water into clean drinking water and clean fuel with one device. Not only are we the first to introduce this technology but we do it cheaper than anyone thought possible - that's the magic of CleanBlu!


Up until now production methods used to produce biofuels, such as ethanol from corn, have been based on traditional methods and have, at best, formed the basis of the sustainable vision we have today. Modern biofuels must not only provide energy independence but also ensure retraction to negative climate change by reducing carbon emissions. They must be cost competitive with oil, provide price stability and have the ability to be produced at scale. CleanBlu
® has developed and patented the latest extraction and conversion technology, producing ultra-low sulfur biofuel from grease-waste. Conservative estimates are 4-billion gallons of clean fuel produced annually in the US alone, projections that clearly rival the best results of others thus far.

"The significant problems we face can not be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them." - Albert Einstein
Current technologies are so expensive that only the worlds wealthiest can afford them. Content to do nothing to mitigate the ecological and financial cost to our children and future generations they prevent global progress while holding tight to their archaic ideals. This way of thinking cannot achieve what is so badly needed. To make real progress solutions need to be affordable to all - so everyone
can share the magic!

Waste, waste, waste – wasted water, wasted food, wasted resources! At CleanBlu there is no such thing. We cannot afford to waste, not water, not energy, not any type of waste. Waste is a resource, and waste is readily available. CleanBlu
® turns waste into clean water, clean fuel and clean raw materials, so that waste no longer exists – Everything becomes a circle – a magic circle!

We envisage a world where clean, safe water flows to all mankind. Where children don’t die from water related diseases and each person lives hygienically with good sanitation and with dignity. We envisage a developing planet of Smart Cities integrating localized water treatment and clean fuel production. Where communities can come together to make decisions on how best to reuse their resources, giving people the democratic choice over their right to a clean and healthy environment. We see a world where these same communities can expand and develop making their own fuel to power machinery, space heating and cooking appliances thus reducing dependency on oil and natural gas and in turn decreasing poverty. We seek to restore the natural balance - to create a place that is magical.

® embraces change with its unique patented technologies. A scalable, ecologically sound approach to waste and wastewater remediation and recycling reflects the determined vision of its founders. The decision to abandon old technologies and replace them with newer ones more suited to our environment can cause a case of the jitters for a lot of people. Taking the leap, even though the advantages are plain to see, takes a certain determination to embrace change. The media is awash with news and articles demanding that we increase energy sustainability, conserve and reuse depleting water supplies, reduce climate change and develop cleaner, more efficient technologies. Scientific visionaries at CleanBlu® predicted these needs some 20 years ago and have since developed the ultimate in wastewater treatment and biofuel production technology. CleanBlu® continues to pioneer new energy and water technologies to improve our planet for the cultures that inhabit it, right now, for the future of mankind. Join the magic.

®'s unique technology is based on its advanced, award-winning grease remediation and recycling technology. Integrated localized wastewater treatment plants, costing as little as 0.1 cents per gallon and using less than 50 watts of power, can be utilized in numerous water processing applications anywhere from municipal to residential to full-scale industrial purposes. Larger systems can easily run using a small array of solar panels or wind generators providing much needed flexibility when choosing the right site.

®'s systems are entirely networked and remote monitored via their own smartphone app allowing control of hundreds of treatment plants with a single smartphone.

Local, portable and small, a CleanBlu
® system redefines installation and wastewater management practices for a fraction of the current cost of maintaining sewer systems and archaic water processing plants. State-of-the-Art control and live monitoring make it the ideal choice for low cost water processing not only in developing and third worlds but also as an excellent pretreatment option for overtaxed water processing infrastructures in the developed world. CleanBlu® is proud to introduce this global effort bringing sophisticated and sustainable water treatment to the needy and also streamlining and optimizing water and waste processing for industrialized nations.

It’s the responsibility of all to treat our world with the utmost respect and to leave it healthier and improved than when we arrived. We understand life is busy and responsibilities distracting. But now it is simpler than ever to help and make a difference to change things. Stand up and be heard, be the one to make it happen, learn the facts and teach your conviction
- take action - its one of the most noble causes you will ever undertake - make the magic happen! Sign up to learn more
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