• Re-use all your water and save money!

  • Smart water controlled by your Smart device

  • Use a single solar panel to power an entire wastewater system

  • Don’t waste your wastewater…Clean It!

CleanBlu® Systems - indistinguishable from magic!

Children in polluted water

Whirlpool selected CleanBlu® technology for installation into its net-zero water house at Purdue University, Indiana called ReNEWW House.

Smart Cities and what they can do

Meet the revolutionary CleanBlu® AWS (Alternate Water Source) system that fully recycles all water discharged from a commercial kitchen, food service establishment or food preparation facility and reuses it for all irrigation needs, toilet flushing and even laundry washing!

Graphic of a cleanblu DEWATS system

Municipalities! Utilize your existing sewer infrastructure to save water, energy and tax payers dollars. Installing CleanBlu DEWATS (Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems) will replenish dwindling groundwater levels and will eliminate the need to spend billions of dollars maintaining sewer systems. New developments no longer need to build a sewer infrastructure nor treatment plants, providing enormous energy savings, processing water and eliminating potential decontamination of waterbodies, soil and atmosphere.

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