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CleanBlu Bio-Element

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Scalable Bio-Element

low maintenance

The CleanBlu® patented Bio-Element is scalable to address almost any treatment challenge. By injecting air towards the bottom of the Bio-Element the waste liquid is mixed and circulated within the media tubes allowing BluBio® microbes to form a biofilm. The same air also supplies the oxygen for the microbial biofilm to aerobically bioremediate (biologically reduce) the waste as well as cool the waste stream, to maintain dissolved oxygen levels and avoid microbial respiratory distress. The bio-media is completely shielded from the surrounding flow and spikes assuring reliable bioremediation performance by providing a steady and controlled recirculation with dynamically adjustable retention times. Since the Bio-Elements are continuously exposed to potentially toxic waste the CleanBlu® design team purposely engineered them without any moving parts making their failure almost nonexistent. They are also 100% recyclable, extremely economical, and easy to maintain and replace.