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CleanBlu Telemetry

Peace of Mind

CleanBlu Telemetry Module

Control & Monitoring

CleanBlu delivers its patented Telemetry Module for ultimate control and peace of mind. Continuously analyzing and reporting vital data the integrity of your waste stream is assured with the added benefit of live streaming so you can monitor and troubleshoot even when you’re not on site. The waterproof and compact unit delivers advanced data to the Bio-Controller for processing, assuring complete control over the biological process. The CleanBlu Telemetry Module functions using the latest Raspberry Pi computer and is supported by a clever combination of an imaging sensor, UV and spectral illuminators, photo spectrometer, thermal camera, doppler radar level, and turbulence measurement systems for optimum performance of the Bio-Controller. What's more, use this valuable data to control numerous aspects of your manufacturing or plant processes and increase levels of overall sustainability by calculating continuous carbon footprint.

  •  Our Telemetry Module

    Our Telemetry Module

  •  CleanBlu® Biogenomic Main Controller Board

    CleanBlu® Biogenomic Main Controller Board

  •  Telemetry Module inside custom housing

    Telemetry Module inside custom housing

  •  Telemetry Module Assembly

    Telemetry Module Assembly

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