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Microbial & Nutrient Blends

None of our systems would work without the true workhorse of bioremediation - microbes. CleanBlu® has decades of refining microbial and nutrient blends as well as its microbial stabilization and delivery system. Our BluBio® line of products contains carefully curated naturally occurring microbes as well as a unique blend of biotic and organic nutrients to address a wide variety of bioremediation needs. Shipped as binary (2 parts) liquids or a powder blend, a single container will last 2-3 months on average and have an exceptional shelf life.

  •  BluBio Manufacturing Process

    BluBio Manufacturing Process

  •  BluBio Powder and Liquid

    BluBio Powder and Liquid

  •  BluBio Microbes and Activator

    BluBio Microbes and Activator

  •  BluBio Powder

    BluBio Powder