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Biofuel from FOG

Accelerated patent

Back in 2012 when gas prices were through the roof and alternative forms of fuel were particularly popular, we considered the feasibility of adapting our FOG technology to produce biofuel from the brown grease in commercial kitchen wastewater. Instead of bioremediating the wastewater and either reusing it or safely disposing in the sewer, we were determined to find a way to produce biofuel feedstock from it. By the end of 2012 we had filed a patent application to optimize fuel extraction from FOG via continuous in-situ triglyceride stabilization and sulfur reduction. The patent was considered so important that the USPTO accepted our request to accelerate the application procedure and the patent was issued in November 2013. Taking the unique route of pretreatment and optimization inside the grease interceptor, CleanBlu is the first and only company with the potential to fully commercialize FOG to Biodiesel!