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Markus Lenger Seeks Seat on South Coast Water District

Dana Point, CA – Markus J. Lenger announces his candidacy for Director, South Coast Water District. Lenger is a 9-year resident of Capistrano Beach and 29-year resident of South Orange County. An engineer with a Masters in Laser Technology and a Doctorate in High Energy Physics, Lenger has built a solid reputation and thirty-year career in wastewater management. He built an extensive background in technical solutions management; patented new industrial technology and has developed water reuse control and management systems in both manufacturing and residential settings. Markus is an expert on state-of-the-art environmental solutions to wastewater management and is currently Chair of a federally appointed task force for water reuse in the U. S. A frequent keynote speaker at international conferences, Markus is a well-known expert in water efficiency, sanitation standards, water catchment and reuse.

Lenger released the following statement. “I am in essence an environmentalist and a scientist. I take a scientific approach to problem solving. This means thoughtful consideration and analysis of all viable solutions, with no preconceived notions but an overarching sensitivity to the environment. The key to robust solutions is independent study and expert analysis coupled with independent, unbiased peer review. Dana Point, like all cities, needs water security. I believe this comes not from a relentless gamble on a hugely expensive and technologically risky desalination plant, but from a diversified approach ensuring that all practical, environmentally sound alternatives are thoroughly considered and vetted. Increased wastewater recycling, proven graywater/reuse technology and state of the art irrigation management have a lot to bring to the table before we burden the ratepayers of our small district with $120 million in new debt.“

A native Austrian who is fluent in five languages, Markus and his wife Gina, Co-founder and CFO of their company, CleanBlu, are well known in the neighborhood as they enjoy daily walks to Capistrano and Doheny Beaches. A certified sailor and coastal navigator, Lenger enjoys weekends sailing out of Dana Point harbor, sometimes accompanied by his daughter, Amadea, a senior at UCI, and a “chip off the old block”, majoring in Environmental Engineering and Earth System Science.

“I love Dana Point and I am passionate about our delicate coastal environment. I would be honored to serve as your representative on South Coast Water District’s Board, ensuring that we maintain and enhance our ability to supply clean, reliable water to our ratepayers at a reasonable cost.” said Lenger.

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