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The ONLY end to end FOG Solution on the market

FOG - The Problem That Won't Go Away

...and eats profits

It smells, it's nasty and causes a constant headache. We feel for you - we know a grease interceptor upset is your worst nightmare - paperwork, downtime, stess and fines. Not to mention the pumping and disposal fees. What if we make that a thing of the past?

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Clogs and Overflows

..not to mention the smell

One of the top "nasty" tasks is to clean out your grease trap / interceptor. If you don't do it regularly it will clog and block lines. Emergency call outs are expensive and fines from overflows even more so. Don’t let FOG eat your bottom line.

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High Costs and Fines

.. not to mention the liabilities and headaches

Regulators, inspectors and insurance risk managers. Its like an IRS audit - once you are on their radar, its hard to hide. Non - compliance can be very costly and potentially put you out of business. How about some peace of mind?

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The Ultimate Solution

the science of compliance

CleanBlu FOG-DS is the only biological FOG remediation system that’s UPC approved and listed, stripping away regulatory red tape and giving you ultimate peace of mind. Install CleanBlu FOG-DS and boost local and NPDES compliance and stop paying fines for FOG, simple!

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Remote Managemnt and Control

.. from your phone - anywhere in the world

Use the CleanBlu Connect app or our dashboard, either way, we got you covered. Live video feed for remote inspection and all-important parameters monitored and logged. Transform your existing (or new) grease interceptor into a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment system at an affordable price.

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Sustainable Water Reuse

.. because water is life

Your commercial kitchen or food plant uses enormous amounts of water and heat. We reclaim the heat and transfer it to your hot water heaters and treat the water to a level suitable for reuse in a number of applications and processes. Let us turn your problem into the most valuable resource - clean water.

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