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CleanBlu Bio-Controller

Optimum Performance

Metagenomic Bio-Controller

fully automated

Managing every aspect of the treatment process is our metagenomic Bio-Controller. As the central brain of CleanBlu’s biological core it analyzes data from the telemetry module and performs numerous calculations to ensure optimum performance. Live microbial cultures are grown continuously from our line of proprietary custom blended BluBio® concentrates in an integrated bioreactor and once fully adapted are injected directly into the Bio-Elements where they maintain the ongoing bioremediation process via a fixed bed biofilm. CleanBlu® stand-alone systems are modular and compact and are expandable to suit most wastewater treatment applications. Completely automated and connected to the web via CleanBlu® Connect they can be remotely accessed via a smart phone/tablet or a dashboard. Embedded AI (Artificial intelligence) constantly analyses, learns and adapts to the varying waste streams assuring optimal performance 24/7.