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The New Salt Lake City International Airport

working together with cleanblu FOG

Sustainable green-tech, FOG-DS is the only device of its kind and as such is UPC certified and listed. Never before has commercial kitchen wastewater been treated on site before entering the sewer. FOG-DS keeps FOG waste out of landfills and stops our sewers from getting clogged and then overflowing.

The Science of Compliance

Salt Lake City is securing its position as a global aviation hub by building a brand-new airport that will serve and grow with the region for decades to come. Replacing three aging terminals, the new SLC airport will be a state-of-the-art facility with one large, central terminal and two linear concourses connected by a passenger tunnel, with more space and conveniences to give passengers a world-class airport experience.

The design is environmentally focused with Salt Lake City’s green energy goals as a foundation and an ultimate goal of LEED Gold Certification, which only nine airport facilities in the U.S. have achieved. In addition to energy efficiency, emissions reduction, and seismic upgrades, the designers, HOK aspired to foster a more comprehensive sustainable approach, which must include water and commercial kitchen wastewater processing in addition to a substantial reduction in utilizing landfills for toxic cooking waste.
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