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Biological Fats, Oils and Grease Disposal System

Find Out Why YOU Need CleanBlu's FOG-DS

Neglecting Your Grease Trap Could Cost You Your Business

It’s a fact that most of what attracts diners to eat at your particular eatery can be attributed to the chef and the menu. But as restaurant and food plant owners will agree, the production aspect of the food service business is comparatively straightforward. The environment, costs and the product are all relatively predictable. Food service industry operators on the other hand face a myriad of additional challenges including regulatory, health and safety, supply chain, marketing and staffing to name but a few.

In particular, the cost of wastewater disposal from food service establishments increases each year as regulatory restrictions become more stringent and environmental controls more prevalent. And it’s not just the cost of the pumping service that’s eating your budget. Even the most regularly pumped grease traps will periodically backup and overflow causing kitchens to temporarily close while emergency plumbing services unclog pipes and drains. Added to the loss of revenue and the cost of unforeseen plumbing services is the very likely problem of not complying with your wastewater disposal permit. Violating the Clean Water Act is a serious crime and one for which the financial penalties are severe. Once on your water districts radar the outlook is bleak with repeat offenders severely jeopardizing their ability to continue operating.

As a result, food service operators, are in a tight place. Margins are thinner than ever and the demands of diners for more sustainable, nutritional and creative options increases exponentially along with the competition. Stricter than ever regulatory controls add to the headache and the operational expenses increase the more stringent they become. Add to that the rising cost of employment, increase in food costs and waste management and there’s not much left for you, the owner.

FOG Control Transformation

Driven by innovation and environmental responsibility, CleanBlu is changing the way wastewater management supports food service operators in a digital world. The shift away from dumping food service industry waste in landfills is progressing rapidly with the recycling of wasted food and food waste and use of recycled materials to make food packaging. But what about the cost and environmental impact of water waste? Operating costs and environmental impacts are influenced by water use and its resulting wastewater, which is often high in FOGs and pathogens that release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Pumping the grease interceptor is expensive and time consuming for food service industry professionals that would much rather be creating their next sustainable menu or advertising campaign. In a world of sustainability and environmental responsibility should we still be dumping FOG sludge in landfills? Added to the negative environmental impact of pumping and dumping FOG waste from commercial kitchens we must look at the vast quantity of FOGs that bypass the grease interceptor and flow into the sewers costing water utilities Billions of dollars each year in removal and related sewer repairs, costs which are inevitably passed down to the consumer.

We’re In This Together

Like many restauranteurs you likely started your business because you had a vision to create a unique experience. You care about the food prepared and served in your restaurants and with diners demanding sustainable foods, preparation methods and waste control, you also care about the environment and the impact your food preparation has on it. Environmentally responsible food industry operators search continuously for new ways to improve their sustainability programs and with competition to outperform gaining momentum, new and innovative approaches become crucial.

One Step Ahead

CleanBlu FOG-DS drives food industry operators to be one step ahead of the competition both financially and environmentally by solving a Billion-dollar problem right inside the grease interceptor.

The Science of Compliance

It’s the one worry we can have for you. Install CleanBlu FOG-DS and boost local and NPDES compliance and stop paying fines for FOG. It's that simple!

Trim the Fat

Substantially reduce your pumping frequency as FOGs no longer build up in the grease trap. No FOGs, fewer blockages, backups and emergency call outs. FOG eats concrete… FOG-DS increases the life of your grease interceptor.

Get Discounts on Your Water Bill

Installing a pre-treatment solution, such as CleanBlu FOG-DS, means lowering your water tier rate in most districts. You can also upgrade your FOG-DS to reuse treated water for irrigation, toilet flushing or laundry and save again!

Put Your Restaurant Ahead in the Sustainability Race

By disposing of FOGs inside your grease interceptor you will reduce the negative impact of landfilling and also help to keep our sewers from blocking up. Added to that you’ll be saving our most precious resource – WATER!

Be the Hero!

Win over your staff by installing FOG-DS... the automated app driven appliance that takes the grind out of your grease trap.