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We make it our business to understand your unique wastewater stream


We specialize in sourcing and implementing solutions for the food service and manufacturing industry’s unique wastewater treatment challenges. Working with you to understand your entire wastewater process is key to providing exceptional solutions to lower the cost of environmental compliance.

Process Analysis

Get ALL the Insights

CleanBlu® reviews and analyzes every aspect of your plants existing wastewater treatment systems from a biological, chemical, mechanical and operational aspect. With our inhouse and portable laboratories and onsite testing we get you answers fast and with complete confidentiality. An extensive review of existing BMP’s and failure point analysis helps you understand where the hotspots are and helps us to develop a plan to get your plant into full compliance. A Valuable report comparing your plants performance to industry standards, discharge requirements and best practices is also developed to help you with long term efficiency goals and sustainable regulatory compliance.

Wastewater Production Audit

Optimize Your Plant

The smartest way to design an efficient treatment train is to reduce the wastewater produced wherever possible. CleanBlu® reviews and studies every individual process from your manufacturing/processing plant that uses water or produces wastewater. We evaluate all relevant chemicals and products used in your plant or process, and research acceptable and available alternatives that would reduce the overall treatment and O&M cost. We will run a cost benefit analysis along with the attributed ROI to show you potential savings.

Identifying Solutions

Integrated Options

Always mindful of its mantra to develop sustainable industrial wastewater solutions without the industrial price tag, CleanBlu® has pioneered many innovative and first-to-market solutions over the last three decades. Just as importantly, we have access to a global network of cutting-edge solution providers and sub-system designers providing seamless integration of your customized solution all while delivering an elegance and affordability the competition simply can’t match.

Regulatory Compliance

Mitigating Risk

CleanBlu® is proud to be a voting member of many regulatory committees around the globe including ASME, IAPMO, WE-Stand, NSF, ICC ISO and the World Plumbing Council. This industry insight, along with its decades of code and standards development, makes it uniquely positioned to identify and incorporate future trends, technologies and regulatory thinking. With access to proficient grant writers we can maximize available assistance to further lower the cost of your project, while staying far ahead of regulatory scrutiny and fines.

Custom Solutions

CleanBlu Connect App

CleanBlu® manufactures all its sensor and controller PC boards inhouse, allowing maximum customization to fit your needs. All systems are carefully designed and manufactured in California providing full control over your budget and assuring delivery of the correct amount of redundancy and reliability required for the application. The CleanBlu Connect app allows you full control of your custom software and a wide array of built in communication standards allows us to integrate our solutions seamlessly with any existing infrastructure, BMS or SCADA system creating maximum flexibility.

Water Reuse

Because We Can’t Afford Not To

Water is a treasured and scarce resource and even areas that had plenty of water before are now forced to change their ways. The concepts of using water only once is by now an outdated concept. Water reuse where possible and feasible is more and more being mandated. No future proof solution can be design without water reuse foremost in mind. CleanBlu® has unparalleled experience in water reuse having designed, built and installed the water reuse system at the Reneew House at Perdue University for our client Whirlpool, a fist of its kind. Furthermore, we just design a water reuse system for the Navajo Indian reservation. Find out more here.