CleanBlu GRS system

GRS™ (grease reduction system) is the first and only complete system for the bioremediation of fats, oils and greases (FOG). Installed within an existing wastewater enclosure, such as a grease interceptor, lift station or septic system, it treats wastewater before it would reach the treatment plant or sewer system. All foodservice operators produce FOG waste across all industry segments and see the need to adopt new environmentally friendly practices. Domestic kitchens also produce FOG, which if it hasn't clogged the kitchen drain will flow to local authority jurisdiction to be treated in centralized treatment plants and disposed of in landfills. FOG bioremediation was the initial application for CleanBlu® technology, taking the foulest waste possible and from it producing potable water on-site that can be reused for toilet flushing and irrigation. An environmentally sound application to reuse 100% wastewater, reduce use of ineffective and poorly maintained sewer systems and wastewater treatment plants, reduce use of overburdened landfills and substantially reduce infrastructure cost of global wastewater management.